Jens Zimmermann: A Theological Account of Personhood

Jens Zimmermann: A Theological Account of Personhood

Jens Zimmermann has been awarded a British Academy Visiting Fellowship and will be conducting research in the faculty of theology and religion at Oxford University, Christ Church College, in collaboration with Graham Ward, from August 1, 2018 to February 1, 2019. Over the course of this project, Zimmermann intends to sketch the historical development and substantive contours of a theological conception of personhood and bring this description of ‘who we are’ to bear on pressing technological and social issues.

John Behr: A Theology of Joy

In this interview at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, Father John Behr discusses the implications of a theology of joy for our living today. Indeed, joy, for Behr, is ultimately joy of life, the joy of being alive, a comprehensive intellectual, physical, psychical, and spiritual mode of being. As such, joy is much more than a matter of acquisition; it requires a work of cultivation.

Ashley John Moyse: The Art of Living for the Technological Age

With a background in the applied health sciences and as a theologian in bioethics and the medical humanities, Dr. Ashley John Moyse approaches the topic of his lecture, the art of living for the technological age, from the perspective of our incarnated human being. For Moyse, it is vital that we approach our being as more than dead flesh waiting to be animated, but as soul spoken in bodily form.