Brent Waters


jerre and mary joy stead professor of christian social ethics, Garrett evangelical theological seminary

BA (Redlands), MDiv, DMin (Claremont), DPhil (Oxford)

Dr. Brent Waters current work is focused on the domain of Christian ethics, where he pursues questions of moral life as it is lived out in often ordinary and routine patterns of daily living. His work asks such questions as: What are my duties and responsibilities to loved ones? Should I extend hospitality to strangers? How should I treat neighbors near and far? Most significantly, Dr. Waters research is concerned with the challenge of interpreting the moral implications of the gospel in and to a diverse and rapidly changing world. He is the author of numerous articles and several books, including From Human to Posthuman: Christian Theology and Technology in a Postmodern World (Routledge 2006) and Christian Moral Theology in the Emerging Technoculture: From Posthuman Back to Human (Routledge 2016).